Montag, 11. Juni 2007

Road wheel power

The G-Tech measures horsepower though the formula:

vehicle speed * acceleration * weight of the vehicle = power at the wheels

The more accurate the vehicle weight is entered, the better the measurement will be. I asked the people from a local grain mill to use their scales and got 1145 kg with driver. The G-Tech deliveres rear wheel horsepower. This horsepower includes the loss of power through the drivetrain which is approximately 15%. Rear wheel horsepower is what most people are interested in because that is what they experience when driving. The use of flywheel horsepower measurement is often used in advertising, but not very realistic when it comes to accelerating the vehicle.

For more information about the G-Tech RR device see here: G-Tech-Home

A run consists of a straight on acceleration from stand-still to maximum rpm in second gear.

This is the result of an actual measurement after some work with MS Excel. The red line is the calculated torque at the driven wheels, derived from acceleration and weight.
The blue line is calculated wheel horsepower. The 1600cc DOHC engine with some modifications produces about 90 hp at the rear wheels. This means approximatily 108 hp at the flywheel.

There may be some uncertainties in this result because this is only one measurement. I have to make several measurements and then calculate mean values. This story will go on ...

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