Samstag, 5. Juli 2008

High Beams Finally Mounted

Here are the original chromed Bosch high beams mounted on the GT junior. You see the protector caps I taylored last year.

Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2008

7. Veteranenausfahrt MSC Weil der Stadt

Saturday, 28th of June I finished 3rd at the historic rallye of the Motor Sport Club Weil der Stadt.
It's not worth complaining but I could have been first in my class. At trial no. 3 my bicycle odometer showed wrong speed values. I couldn't keep the average speed of 30 kph and got 33 penalty points - what a mess!

Tho photo shows a BMW Dixi with a rare "Ihle 600" body behind the Volvo. The BMW- or Dixi Ihle has a wooden handmade body on a 3/15PS chassis manufactured between 1930 and 1934.

Momo Vega 6 x 14" Alloy Wheels

Recently I got the chance to buy a set of four aluminum wheels. They are called MOMO "Vega" dated from 1972. MOMO is an italian manufacturer - you might know their steering wheel collection. The size is 6 x 14" fitting exactly on the Alfa GT junior. I found out that the rims are rather 6.5 that 6.0 inches. This will give a good cornering stiffnes with my Barum 185/70 R 14 classic tires. There is no H2 hump - so there is no chance to use tubeless tires. The well known Alfa hub caps of the 5-spoke Cromodora CD-35 wheel are supplied with these outstanding contemporary wheels.

The wheels must be glas-sanded and re-painted. Silver paint or two-colour black/silver would be nice. Even powder coating would be possible.