Freitag, 24. September 2010

Fixing Steering Gearbox Leakage

Because of some oil on the Burman steering gear housing I supposed that there would be a leakage on the o-ring of the steering arm. In this case it is recommended to fill the steering box completely with Molycote Longterm 00 grease. This is a heavy duty dark grey grease for gears with partially high loads. To open the top cover plate remove the four screws. Two of them have nuts. I my case the steering gear box was already filled with grease and the oil spray came from the oil catch tank in the neighborhood.

Sonntag, 1. August 2010

Mobile Amateur Radio Station

Amateur Radio DC4FP/m(obile) with 145 MHz 9-element Yagi antenna. The Location is 500 m above NN in JN48JR near the Black Forest in South Germany.

Montag, 10. Mai 2010

MSC Herrenberg - Rallye 2010

MSC Herrenberg's rallye was great fun this year. We had to use our tripmaster and chronometers and should have been an expert in German  literature. Cruising through the Tübingen area we passed the famous "Wurmlinger chapel". One special stage was to quote the first two lines of Ludwig Uhland's poem:

Die Wurmlinger Kapelle
Droben stehet die Kapelle,
schauet still ins Tal hinab,
drunten singt bei Wieß´und Quelle,
froh und hell der Hirtenknab.

Traurig tönt das Glöcklein nieder,
schauerlich der Leichenchor;
stille sind die frohen Lieder,
und der Knabe lauscht empor.

Droben bringt man sie zu Grabe,
die sich freuten in dem Tal.
Hirtenknabe, Hirtenknabe,
dir auch singt man dort einmal.

 No. 88 - ready for start