Freitag, 8. Juni 2007

Brake conversion

To upgrade and lighten the front brakes I've chosen a pair of Brembo 2-piston fixed calipers from the Alfa 75 1.8 turbo (1779 cm³, 110 kW) which was in production from Sept. 1986 until Feb. 1992. The calipers use exactly the same 48 mm piston diameter, so that the brake force distribution remains equal. But the area of the pads increased from 140 mm² to 201 mm². This should be ok to prevent excessive wear and fading.

A pair of new brake lines (intermediate tubes) had to be manufactured. M10x1 nut thead thread fits the brake hose (steel hose type, see below) and M10x1 screw thread is used for the saddle thread. The brake force diagramm of the GT junior shows that there is not so much difference between the original brake layout and the Brembo/Alfa 75 design.

Calculated brake force diagramm

New steel-flex brake lines from Dickhaut-Specials were used, too. Remember that the Brembo caliper has M10 x 1. The line length is 38 cm at the front and 40 cm at the rear.

Brake assembly in the car

The calipers are made for wider vented brake discs. so I had to open the caliper and remove two spacers - thats all. Brake disk is Brembo, too, matching the GT 1300/1600 (diameter 267 mm). It would be possible to use vented discs. If you like, have a look at the Alfa Montreal disk or at Audi 90 GTE discs. The brake force according to the german TÜV measurement is 220 daN per wheel.

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