Sonntag, 11. November 2007

Intake Manifold Prolongation

Here you you can see the aluminum parts from histo:tec I use to prolong the intake manifold. This is a length of 40 mm. Parts are also available in 25 mm length. A longer intake manifold will produce more torque at a lower rpm range. This is to compensate toque loss below 3500 1/min due to the hot camshaft.
O-rings on both sides seal against the manifold and the Webers. The diameter is 40 mm (45 mm parts are available, too). Please check the necessary room in the engine compartment especially at Bertone GT cars with original air filter box. The carburetor support link and the throttle linkage must be prolonged, too.

Donnerstag, 8. November 2007

High Lift Camshafts

Finally my new camshafts arrived from regrinding. CAMPRO did a good job to get the best benefit from the old Alfa 105480320051 cams. The new grinded base circle is 25,3 mm and they realized a maximum lift of 10,7 mm from the given cam profile.

Furthermore they did nitrating, straightening and polished the slide bearing areas. Clearance between the lobes and the head is ok.