Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2008

Momo Vega 6 x 14" Alloy Wheels

Recently I got the chance to buy a set of four aluminum wheels. They are called MOMO "Vega" dated from 1972. MOMO is an italian manufacturer - you might know their steering wheel collection. The size is 6 x 14" fitting exactly on the Alfa GT junior. I found out that the rims are rather 6.5 that 6.0 inches. This will give a good cornering stiffnes with my Barum 185/70 R 14 classic tires. There is no H2 hump - so there is no chance to use tubeless tires. The well known Alfa hub caps of the 5-spoke Cromodora CD-35 wheel are supplied with these outstanding contemporary wheels.

The wheels must be glas-sanded and re-painted. Silver paint or two-colour black/silver would be nice. Even powder coating would be possible.


Anonym hat gesagt…

What's the offset of this Momo Alloy Wheels?

Saluti Tom.

uwer hat gesagt…

ET 38 mm

Unknown hat gesagt…

Hi, Like the blog. I also have older FPS rims but run them with tubeless tires OK. There are many who do this and it is safe as long as you don't run with very low pressure.
Here is an article from vintage porche drivers: