Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2007

Cylinder Head Preparation - Part I

I just started preparing my 1600 cc cylinder head. Stage one tuning consists of cleaning the head, milling -1 mm to increase compression ratio, 3-angle valve job (15/30/60 deg) and porting all air passages. New parts are
  • intake and exhaust valve guides
  • new valves, exhaust valves sodium filled
  • new higher lift performance camshaft (286 deg, 11 mm lift)
  • prologation of the intake port system
I gave the head to Theilacker machine shop. The work is done on this milling maschine. My Alfa head of course is much smaller than this Maybach head on the bench.

Theilacker has a long tradition as a maschine shop for large gasoline (Deutz) engines. In the early days they had a mobile replacement parts service for MWM engines. MWM is Motorenwerke Mannheim. They supplied for example farm tractor maufacturer like Fendt or Eicher.

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